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God made you very special and I hope you know it’s true! You’re brilliantly created and there’s no on61ori3wjq2l-_sx454_bo1204203200_e else like you!

This book shares the message that God created each of us in just the right way in a manner that even the youngest child will understand. Bright and engaging illustrations from Amy Wummer pair perfectly with the text and enhance the appeal of the book.

Ages 2-5.

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First place award in the Purple Dragonfly Book Award.pdfirstprizeseal

If Jesus lived inside my heart would other people know? Perhaps he’d use all parts of me to love and shine and glow.

If Jesus if-jesus-livedlived inside our hearts, would it show in our daily actions? This delightful little story explores just that as the kids in the story learn to be kind and generous in a variety of situations. The book may be used by parents as an introduction to Jesus and a way to discuss the many ways He lives within us. Bright and engaging illustrations from Amy Wummer enhance the appeal of the book to young children. Ages 2-5.

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2015 Selah award winner!

Enjoy the peace and comfort of Jesus walking beside you in this sweet book.

What wouif-jesus-walkedld it be like if Jesus walked beside you and helped you through your day? This delightful story supposes just that and  explores how a child might feel and what they would do. From gentle encouragement at the ball game to a warm snuggle at night, the child-narrator lists the many ways in which he or she would interact with Jesus if such an event took place. Sweet illustrations depict the various scenarios.

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2014 Selah award finalist

If Jesus came to visit me I know just what I’d do. I’d wrap my arms around him tight and say, “I’m glad iif-jesus-camet’s you!”

From greeting Jesus at the door to asking him about loved ones in heaven to taking a walk together, the child-narrator lists all the things he or she would do if such a visit took place. Parents can use this book to begin a conversation with even very young children about the idea of a personal relationship with Jesus. Sweet illustrations depict the hypothetical visit.

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What would you have done if you’d have been present the day Jesus was born?

A cone-night-coverhild imagines being there that night in this touch and feel board book that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Textures, from the little lamb’s wool to the glittery star of Bethlehem, will let children feel as well as see the events of the first Christmas.

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What would it have been like being present the day Jesus arose on Easter?

This sweet beaster-coveroard book with textures helps children imagine just that. From a little bee buzzing with excitement that Jesus is alive to a bunny hopping in delight and the sun shining down on the risen Lord, children will be able to feel as well as see the events of the first Easter morning. The narrator considers various perspectives on the Resurrection and the joy felt by all who loved Jesus.

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A touch and feel Thanksgiving book. The textures and bright artwork bring to life the things children experience at thanksgiving-coverThanksgiving. The narrator lists things for which he or she is thankful. Tactile experiences throughout the book engage the reader and help children to connect the book to the textures in their actual surroundings. Soft, vibrant watercolor illustrations add warmth and sweetness to the book

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